Student Webpages 2015-2016

Webmaster Club Student Webpages 2015-2016

Each year all students create a website (with several webpages). These webpages are created by manually coding HTML using the text editor Notepad.
The students also created their name images.

Click on a student’s name to view his/her website.

  1. Alex C.
  2. Anthony S.
  3. Aryan G.
  4. Blase C.
  5. Brandon S.
  6. Conor M.
  7. Dennis L.
  8. Dhruv K.
  9. Ethan Q.
  10. Grant G.
  11. Joseph M.
  12. Kenneth W.
  13. Louis M.
  14. Rohan G.
  15. Ryan D.
  16. Sanjay N.
  17. Shreyas B.
  18. Tanmayee T.
  19. Tanmayi R.
  20. Vasudha K.

Click here to view webpages from previous years.

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